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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Spain

We have been in cities in Spain so far...Madrid, Granada...but finally we feel we have found true Spain.  We are in a little pueblo blanco - white village - called Cartajima and it is a beautiful, real, down to earth, gorgeous place.

We are staying with Di and John at Los Castanos and it is the first day of pure relaxation and bliss all holiday.

Everyone here is so warm and friendly.  But boy are they noisy at night!

That blur up there is the pueblo blanco, or white village, we are headed to


Best range a free range chook ever saw - the whole mountain!

Grapes absolutely everywhere even on the pavement

Chestnut groves behind the village 

A (fat) horse gorging on figs - we had them too as they grow everywhere in this town


Grapes drying in the sun, apples on the trees

Goat herder driving his goats home to the village and up the main street!




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